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Sheerwave RF 360° Body Contour

The first of its kind FACE and BODY skin tightening device combining a bipolar and quadropolar radio frequency and micro-needling RF for optimal results! The Sheerwave RF 360° Body Contour offers the latest and safest technology on the market. An easy to use device with three hand pieces; two for radio frequency (bipolar and quadropolar) and one for micro needling RF to perform a wide variety of treatments.

Why choose the Sheerwave RF 360°?

  • Non-Invasive & Effective
  • Offers optimal results
  • Safe & Certified
  • Immediate reveals firmer, younger-looking skin
  • Professionals 1st Choice for Age Management
  • Multiple treatment options (3 Hand pieces): Combines RF Bipolar, RF Quadropolar & RF Micro-Needling for optimal results.
  • Does not require any periodical maintenance
  • Easy to use


Skin Tightening & Body Contouring

Radio Frequency is a safe and effective treatment that gradually heats the skin to 38-41 degrees, stimulating the healing factors know to rejuvenate, remodel and restructure the collagen and elastin proteins found within the skin. It is suitable for all photo types and most skin types.

You will see an improvement with each treatment and the full tightening effects after 3 to 6 months. Generally, a series of 6 to 10 weekly treatments are recommended with maintenance treatments once a year.

During the session a warm sensation like a hot stone massage will be felt as the target temperature is obtained. Immediately post-treatment your skin will temporarily feel dry, tight and red. These symptoms will gradually diminish after 24 hours.

Fractional Micro Needling for Skin Rejuvenation

This minimally invasive treatment channels radio frequency through a sterile disposable tip containing 36 needles. As the needles are applied to the skin, a pulse of optimized radio frequency is delivered and safely creates micro perforations to stimulate your skin’s natural rejuvenating and regenerating abilities. Thus, improving the texture of your skin.

You will see an improvement with each treatment and the full rejuvenating effects after 6 to 9 months. Generally, a series of 4 to 6 monthly treatments are recommended with maintenance treatments once a year.

Immediately post treatment, your skin will feel temporarily dry, tight, swollen and sensitive to the touch as if you had a mild sunburn. After 24 to 48 hours, the redness will diminish and over 7 to 10 days, the micro lesions will heal and regenerate, revealing tighter smoother skin.

Treatment Applications

Ultra light weight Bipolar and Quadrapolar hand pieces for collagen remodeling and skin tightening.

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Body
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Buttocks

RF Theory

The Contour 360° is a Multiple Radio frequency platform that offers Bipolar, Quadropolar hand pieces designed to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin. The RF energy is optimally delivered in to the skin stimulating neocollagenasis.

Collagen and elastin are the main fibers that form the extracellular matrix. Both are formed by fibroblasts. Collagen is responsible for tensile strength and elastin provides elasticity to the skin. Production and density of both decreases as a function of age and results in sagging and wrinkling. Wounding alters the amount and quality of these fibers. Thus, neocollagenesis and neoelastinogenesis hold the key to managing aesthetic conditions such as cutaneous ageing and scarring.

Sheerwave RF 360° Body Contour

Safety Features

Temperature Sensors

Precise real-time temperature gauge incorporated in each hand piece provides continual thermal skin monitoring and effective treatments free of side effects. No need to stop every few seconds and measure it manually.

Patient’s Biofeedback hand piece

The additional client’s Biofeedback enables the patient to stop the treatment in the rare case of discomfort.

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Sheerwave RF 360° Body Contour

Safe, Comfortable & Efeective Treatments

For the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scaring and stretch marks.

Sheerwave RF 360° Body Contour

Features 3 RF Hand pieces

Offering Multiple Treatment Possibilities

Sheerwave RF 360° Body Contour


Max Output 250 Wp (Watt-peak)
100 W (RMS)
Safety Standards & Approvals
Applicator Frequency 6.78 MHz
Quadropolar (Body)
Bipolar (Face)
Fractionnal Bipolar Microneedles
EN60601-1: Medical Electrical Equipment - General Requirements For Safety
IEC60601-1-2: Medical Electrical Equipment - Electromagnetic Compatibility
CB IEC60601-1: Medical Electrical Equipment - General Requirements For Safety
Temperature Sensors 4 Sensors for Body Handpiece
1 Sensor for Face Handpiece
CSA MEDICAL: Electrical Equipment - Certified For US & Canada Standards
Main Panic Button Patient Panic Button
230vac 50Hz
115vac 60Hz
ISO 13485:2003: Quality System For Medical Device Manufacturers
ISO 9001:2008: Quality Management Standards
Maximum Power 400 VA CE: For Medical Devices Class 1
Storing & Operational Conditions Temperature [ 5 - 40 ] °C
Humidity [ 0 - 95 ] %
Pressure >600 hPa